• Requirements: The requirements of our customers, including legal and regulatory aspects, are the measure of success for the quality of our products.
  • Customers: The satisfaction of our customers is the measure of success for our action. We are a reliable partner to our customers and keep our promises and quality commitments.
  • Suppliers: Our suppliers are an essential part of the quality of our products. For that reason we apply the same quality standards to them as we do to ourselves.
  • Employees: Our employees, with their competencies, their experience and their commitment, are our company's most important resource. Each employee is responsible for the result and the quality of his or her own work and share in the overall success.
  • Opportunities and risks: Our short quality control loops also provide a proven starting point for product and process optimisation in series production. We use our professional risk management system to minimise risks in our processes and products, preventively avoid issues and systematically learn from issues that arise.
  • Sustainability: All company process flows are organised and documented sustainably to preserve resources.
  • Trust: Our customers can trust in the high quality of our processes and products. We allow you to stay up to date on the production of your products directly on site in the course of our company during customer visits.
  • Continuous improvement: We continuously optimise our processes and products to meet the rising requirements of our customers in all respects.