Measurement technology

Quality management with precision

  • Security: We ensure the quality of our products through integrated monitoring of our production processes and product-specific tests using the most modern measurement technology.
  • Reliability: Our customers can rely on the accuracy of our measurement results. We ensure the traceability of our measuring equipment through calibration at accredited partner institutions.
  • Competence: Our highly trained and committed specialists bring a high level of professional skill to our customer projects, from the initial metrological evaluation of the received enquiries to the final testing of products before shipment.
  • Control: We have a zero-error policy. Using a variety of controls during and at the end of the process, we identify discrepancies in processes and products early and immediately respond to them in professional control loops. Twice daily we use our interdisciplinary shop floor meetings for rapid addressing and resolution of discrepancies.
  • Technical cleanness: Residual dirt analyses with evaluation according to VDA 19 can be performed in-house

  • Measurement equipment: Our state-of-the-art measurement equipment allows us to assess virtually any metrological tasks in house.
  • With production-integrated testing, we use high-precision air measurement technology, optical camera measurement systems, optical shaft measuring machines, surface measuring devices and all types of manual measuring devices.
  • For in-process tests, we test dimensions, roundness, contours, roughness and properties of gear profiles in our air-conditioned measuring room. We have a self-centring roundness measuring machine, tactile and optical contour measuring machines, a profile projector, a 3D profilometer and double-flank gear inspection machines for evaluating gears. To observe all gear characteristics, we use a 3-D gear measuring machine and a specially equipped 3-D measuring machine with a rotary table. With their high-precision VAST gold sensor and a large selection of stylus configurations, we are even able to measure complex components.
  • In our final inspection, we put our customers' products through a final test before they are shipped. This includes visual inspections as well as customer-specific dimension tests. Workstations with illuminated magnifying glasses and a wide variety of measuring devices are provided in the air-conditioned control room. Here too the rule is: Only 100 % quality can go out to our customers!